Tagra on the ball with their LED Wimbledon display

Tagra are delighted to have served-up an ace that visitors to this year’s Wimbledon are sure to agree is on point!

Along with being annoyed by wasps, getting caught in traffic jams and being soaked by torrential downpours, few things herald the arrival of summer more than the annual tennis Championships in South West London; and hawk-eyed fans this year might just spot a love-ly light display that illuminates the club shop courtesy of Tagra.

In the ultimate doubles partnership we were approached by our friends at SFD to work with them on this exciting project and produced some stunning signage that even John McEnroe would have to take seriously.

Just a drop-shot away from centre court the Wimbledon shop is a haven for any tennis fans and a must see for any visitors to SW19 this July, so the display needed to be a winner and by using our range of neon flex to create a faux neon look, we have been able to create a window display that really smashes it.

What’s more we were able to turn this project around in just 10 days and despite the short time-frame we think that anyone who sees our handywork will agree it looks more than all-white and well worth making a racket about(!?)

“The biggest challenge was the tight deadline we had to work with,” explains Simon Millman, Operations manager at Tagra. “Working out how to suspend the neon flex in a way that it would appear to be floating was also tricky, not to mention delivering it in a way that could be installed without being on site the whole time in order to keep costs down. But we think all the hard work has been worthwhile and the result looks fantastic!”

Our neon flex is simple to install while still delivering results time-after time and unlike traditional neon, which uses gas fluorescents to power the light. And that’s Nadal! It’s also safer and more eco-friendly, while offering up to 30,000 more hours of light than neon we certainly think it’s: game, set and match to LEDs every time!

Neon Flex needn’t just be for large sporting events or international tournaments, it’s also great around the home or in the workplace, so tale a look at the exciting range of neon flex products that we provide by visiting our website today.